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CultureCycle #1 - background to our first event!

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Sydney Design and State of Design (Victoria) are coming up soon! We've created a cycling/design/culture program which we've submitted to both (fingers crossed). Here is some info about the Melbourne tour which we are looking to run on Sunday July 31st!


Melbourne is fast becoming an urban cycling capital! With its flat streets, world class cultural attractions and a thriving industry of small design manufacturers, Melbourne offers the local and tourist alike a unique cultural experience. Culturecycle is an innovative new scheme which draws people out and onto the streets to experience the best of Melbourne.   

You'll start by cycling to an organic compound in Brunswick where you'll enjoy a tasty breakfast at the organic cafe. From there its onto Fitzroy Street to visit a new design collective studio.

Here you'll be introduced to top international speakers who'll offer their insights on sustainable living and socially responsible design. Then its off to Melbourne Museum where you'll experience the international travelling exhibition, Tuttenkharmen. Don't forget to have lunch and visit Melbourne Museum's extraordinary new permanent exhibition, Wild.

From here its a short cycle back to RMIT where you'll spend an hour and a half sipping tea and learning how to crochet! Hand made skills are fast becoming the new currency in design so whether you're a novice or an expert, come and discover how cycling, museums and vernacular design come together!

I'll be testing this route on Friday 1st April. If you'd like to come along, please email me at




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