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Handlebarcam Otway ride

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This is a video taken by my colleague on the recent Otway ride her in Victoria. Can I just mention that Barry completed the 145km ride something like 6 weeks after a hip replacement!! It was a dark day with a fair bit of rain for those competing in the 145km journey. My 60km ride was nowhere near as strenuous and didn't include driving rain! Around 3500 people turned up for the cycle which started at Torquay and went up into the hinterland then back along the coast. It was a great cycle - really well organised and with large stretches of the course closed off to vehicular traffic! If I had one little gripe, it was that the promotional materials didn't have any images of female riders. I know there weren't that many of us proportionally but even so.....
Great musical score! Look out for the long downhill section through the rainforest.

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