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Cycling, cultural attractions and crochet - our first Culturecycle Sydney tour!

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On Saturday 6th August, in conjunction with ArtCycle Sydney we ran our first cycletour in Sydney as part of Sydney Design.

Prior to the tour, Daily Addict contacted me as they wanted to write a short posting for their weekly listings. This was the first time someone external to the project had commented on the idea and I was delighted to read this:

"What do cycling and crochet have in common? Well, not a lot actually — except for the fact that your grandmother probably dabbled in both at some stage in her life. But the two find themselves strange bedfellows at this year’s Sydney Design Festival."

Over the past few months I've wondered whether anyone else would find the connections between cycling, cultural attractions and crochet of interest so I was delighted when on a perfect Sydney Saturday morning, 10 cyclists set out from Remy and Lees cafe in Surry Hills to begin our adventure.


Gilbert Grace from ArtCycle Sydney had helped me test the tour a few days earlier so I was feeling confident! Molly and Keeli from ArtCycle acted as sweeps and off we went!

First stop Carriageworks, via Redfern Park,


to see the brilliant new exhibition "Urbinition". Here is some background to the exhibition which is presented by San Francisco Art Commission Gallery and Carriage Works. "Every two years the San Francisco Art Commission (SFAC) Gallery will partner with an arts institution in a Sister City to produce an exhibition featuring some of the best and brightest artists each city has to offer. For the Inaugural Biennial exhibition Urbanition, the SFAC Gallery is collaborating with CarriageWorks.

Urbanition's co-curators, Meg Shiffler and Justine Topfer, have tasked the selected artists to create works addressed to the Mayors of San Francisco and Sydney that propose visionary solutions to making each city more humane, green and livable. The artists’ proposals range in subject matter from improving immigrant rights to commuting by jetpack, and are presented across a wide variety of media including video, sculpture, drawing and performance.

Amy Balkin and Alicia Pozniak (San Francisco), Sergio De La Torre (San Francisco), Rebar (Matthew Passmore, John Bela, Blaine Merker and Teresa Aguilera) (San Francisco), Chris Fox (Sydney), Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski (Sydney), Makeshift (Tessa Zettel and Karl Khoe) (Sydney)"

Here is my favourite piece from the exhibition!

We were lucky to have the Everleigh Markets on at the same time so ws stocked up on yummy fresh goods and continued our journey to the Powerhouse Museum!

Now, as anyone who has ever organised an event will tell you, it doesn't matter how organised you are, something will always surprise you - and it did! After circa 23 years, the Powerhouse Museum had chosen this weekend to demolish its forecourt!!! This meant that the cycle parking was no longer in use so the kind security guard let us into the carpark so that we could park our bikes there.

I do hope that the Museum will be installing some fabulous new bike racks shortly, possibly some of the winners of the national design competition which they ran in conjunction with the RTA. You can see the winners here!

Once inside the museum (thanks to Debbie Pryor), it was off to the Love Lace exhibition.


If you only see one exhibition in the next two years, make it this one! (not that I'm suggesting you shouldn't see many museum exhibitions, just pop this one on the top of the list!)

Here are some images

and another one

and another

and just when you thought you'd seen all the lace you could, just one more!

The next part of the tour took us over Pyrmont Bridge

and into King Street where a truck blocked the cycle path


then onto the Australian Museum where Dr Lynda Kelly had kindly organised for us to use the Members Lounge for our crochet workshop!


The workshop proved to be a lovely opportunity to share stories of early memories of parents and grandparents teaching us to make things with our hands.

I particularly liked this part of the day as we could chat about the cycle and make something at the same time!

Thanks to the following wonderful people and organisations who supported us in so many ways:

CycleStyle, ArtCycle Sydney, Bicycle NSW, Sydney Design, Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum Museum3.

We're now looking at our next tours in Melbourne and Sydney in October ! If you're interested in coming along, email me at or visit again to find updated details!

BTW: I came across this article by Sarah Wilson, :"the ikea effect"and the up and up of crochet" and was absolutely stoked to read this,

"PS I’ve just come across the most insane thing! A cycle event combining coffee, cycling and crochet in the one day – 6 and 7 August -  as part of Sydney Design Festival. If I were in town, I’d be soooo there."

I have to admit to being chuffed by this and do hope are equally as delighted by the idea!

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  • Angelina Russo on

    Thanks for that Marcus. It was great meeting you! I think cycling does both! Good luck with your projects! Cheers

  • Angelina Russo on

    Hi MarcusIt was great to have you there! I think cycling does both! It brings out the best in people and brings out the best people! Take care and thanks for joining us. Hope to see you next time.Cheersangelina

  • Angelina Russo on

    Yes! I am hoping to do another one soon. will let you know! Cheers and thanks so much for all of your support!A

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