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Dahon Accessories and City Cycles podcast

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It's been an impossibly busy three weeks and the blog posts have been sparse.
Good news though!
As of next week I've committed to two blog posts a week and a newsletter every fortnight. Soon we'll have a button on the site so that you can subscribe to the newsletter. In the meantime, email me at and I'll pop you on the list.

I'm very excited today as I just received my new bike bag from Thor USA


For those of you who ride Dahons, you'll know that accessories are few and far between in Australia. So I'm thrilled that the guys at Thor have such a lovely range.

My new KLICKfix Beige Deluxe Shopper  uses a special CADDY horizontal mount (also available from Thor) which attaches to the seat post. 


It is a surprisingly sturdy mount and so far, it seems to hold very well. The bag has a hard flat bottom so it holds all the stuff I carry with me to work without any problems.

I had hoped it would sit on the front of the bike on the special frame mount, but the bag is too deep and drags along the front wheel if I place it here. Luckily, there is another bag, the Beige deluxe Matchpack which sits on the frame mount beautifully.

On my first cycle I noticed that the lovely beige colour was already getting dirty so I've decided to make a bespoke crochet cover for the bottom half of the bag (photos to come).


I have used Thor a number of times and have found them to be completely professional and a great option for Dahon accessories!

On another note, if you have a moment to listen to a podcast, you may be interested in City Cycles,Tuesday 6th September, Life Matters, ABC Radio National.

The lovely Richard Aedy speaks to Dr Jan Garrard, Senior Lecturer in Public Health in the School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University and Elaena Gardner, Executive Office Australia Bicycle Council about all things cycle.

Did you know that only 5% of women over 40 cycle in Australia?!

Last thing for today, if you're in Melbourne, don't forget to sign up for the Bike Futures Conference and if you're in Sydney, don't forget to have a look at the Sydney Rides Festival. You may even want to join us on our next cycle tour as part of this festival!

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  • Angelina Russo on

    Hi RichardXtracycle red bag – very cool!It would be so good to see a national campaign which focuses on the health benefits of cycling. I remember when “Life Be in It” started and how much it influenced me as a young girl. In many ways, cycling is an easier story than other intensive activities such as running. I agree with you about connecting style with cycling while tackling obesity. I should see whether funding bodies agree! There may be a future project in there.Re: Jan GarrardI’ve only recently come across her work and I am very impressed. Her research is excellent and I really like the way she is able to make the results clear and easy to digest. Well done her!Now, off to find a funding scheme! Cheers

  • richardmonfries on

    5% of women cycling at any time is abysmal, I agree.Yes, ‘we’ make too many short trips in 4-wheeled vehicles to drop kids off at kinder/school/university(god help us), and sometimes the comment that helmet hair, and the need to wash and re-apply make-up is a disincentive to cycling to work etc, BUT, an effective national marketing campaign that focuses exclusively on the health benefits (great way to tackle the threat of obesity) would be effective.In other words, pander to obsession with looks and stroke the ego.If out of condition men can squeeze into a BMC lycra outfit each Sunday, effective marketing may work on the women who would benefit from cycling.I’ve interviewed Jan Garrard before, and she believes – and I agree – that ‘style’ (hence your site and other similar ‘cycle chic’ movements) will get more bums on the Brooks. Tie style with tacking obesity, and we’d be on a winner.cheersRichardP.S. Nice bag. Mine’s an Xtracycle – bright red bags, so cool (I think…)

  • Angelina Russo on

    It’s an interesting thought. It seems to work though it does make the back much heavier. I prefer the front frame fitting but this mounted fitting can also be placed on the front post. It’s a nice bag. Very roomy. Great for clothes. I was seduced by the beige and orange and now I will need to make a cover for it. It’s hailing in Melbourne today so not sure whether I risk taking it out!!

  • BehoovingMoving on

    is this bag what I needed hanging from the seat of my Brompton, when I toured all those cities just recently?

  • BehoovingMoving on

    Hmm, did I need that bag on the back of my Brompton while I was riding around all those cities a while back?

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