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BasketCase#1 reflective bespoke crochet bike bag covers

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I recently received my beautiful new KLICKfix bag  for my Dahon(thanks to ThorUSA).

Of course, the day I attached it and rode to work, it hailed, rained and was generally awful. While the bag is waterproof, the beautiful beige was not quite as pristine by the end of the cycle.

So, I decided to do some prototyping and come up with BasketCase#1.

The base is suede and I've punched holes into it, then crocheted the body of the piece using "basket stitch" - a decision which I thought was a "nice touch". BasketCase#1 is then fitted to the original bag and held into place with the bag handles and fixtures and a hemp cord on the inside.

As the bag has a front zip I decided to trial some coral crochet with highly reflective yarn as both a statement and a way of making access to the zip slightly more difficult on the road. I don't know whether cyclists have stuff stolen from their bags while they're stationary but at least this will make it more difficult. I think the orange coral crochet is too much but then, it is a prototype!

The final stage is to spray the woollen crochet cover with a suede protector.

I'm keen to know whether you think there is a market for such items. Do let me know!

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