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Crochet Reflective Vests - A Christmas venture

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I was recently inspired by @cubbieberry to develop a reflective vest which could replace the rather unfashionable vests we seem to have to wear when cycling.

In response I developed patterns for two vests. These prototypes are made from a Nepalese cotton ribbon and incorporate 2mm reflective thread. The thread gives extraordinary visibility and while I think it's too thick in the daylight, it does the job once light settles on it.

#1 Wrap-around crochet reflective vest

This cropped vest ties up at the back. It's purposely crocheted using a large hook (22mm) and using the two thread, cotton and reflective thread. This is what it looks like when under light and below is what it looks like without direct light on it

#2 V Neck crochet reflective vest


The second version is longer and can be worn over your existing clothes (including jackets) while cycling. The arm holes are quite big to allow you movement. I think that the next version will be a bit shorter or I'll trial a version which is shorter at the front and longer at the back. Still debating this one. Here is what it looks like without direct light on it.


I've ordered some gorgeous yellow corn fibre yarn from the US and am planning to make these as my Christmas venture. Any thoughts or feedback most appreciated!


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  • BehoovingMoving on

    Looks cute. Though I guess on a model, it would need something worn under? Either way, from a guy’s point of view, I think it looks very beguiling.

  • Angelina Russo on

    Why thank you. I’m testing a linen version this weekend in preparation for the Linen Run in February!

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