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Sydney Rides Festival CultureCycle Tour 9th October.

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Another successful tour!
It was a beautiful Sydney spring day when 20 of us met at Deus ex Machina in Bourke Street to enjoy their brilliant service and food while getting to know each other. Thanks to Glen and Jessy! Brilliant!

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina - what a great bike shop

Gilbert and Jeff from ArtCycle Sydney kindly hosted this tour and acted as our fearless navigators and sweep.

On the road! Photo: Lee Shaberman

We set off down Bourke Street, stopping in Redfern Park to regroup before we continued to Carriage Works in Redfern.

Redfern Park. Photo: Lee Shaberman


It was great to see the interpretive signage which offered a bit of history about the site.

From here it was to the Powerhouse Museum to see the LoveLace exhibition

Love Lace. Powerhouse Museum. Photo: Lee Shaberman

I may have already mentioned that I love this exhibition and seeing it again was brilliant.

Love Lace exhibition Powerhouse Museum. Photo: Lee Shaberman

I also took a moment to visit The Wiggles exhibition.I love the Wiggles. I vividly remember the first time I heard them. It was about 16 years ago, a four year old's party. A room full of four year olds jumping up and down, mosh pit style while others, including, perhaps my own, looked on quisically.

These days I love them for two more reasons: 1 - both Jeff and Anthony are big folding bike enthusiasts (you have to love folders) and, their first album was made while two of them were students. Having worked with students for a long time, I know the excitement that you feel when you see entrepenerial activity based around creativity! Well done them!

I love this panel from the Powerhouse Museum

After the Powerhouse, we cycled over to Circular Quay to visit the "off the page" exhibition at the Customs House Library. Not only is this library beautifully located but it is a really lovely public space in an area where finding places to sit and contemplate can be difficult! The exhibition included lovely images of times gone by!

Cycling is happiness! Photo: Lee Shaberman

We charged ourselves with lots of carbohydrates in preparation for our cycle into Kings Cross to do our crochet workshop. Who thought it was a good idea to build a central suburb at the top of a cliff?

Cycling is fun! Photo: Lee Shaberman

We finally made it and settled down to our workshop where my oldest sister Francesca offered her support. I'd prepared a pattern for trouser cuffs and together we spent an hour or so working on this.

We finished the day with some afternoon tea, a bit of a chat and great suggestions for next tours.

Thanks to ArtCycle Sydney, Sydney Rides Festival, CycleStyle, Museum3, City of Sydney, Powerhouse Museum and a big shout out to Lenny Ann Low from Sydney Morning Herald. She did a little piece on the tour in the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum and our registrations tripled overnight!! As a result I met a whole lot of lovely people and together we had a great day!

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