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Bike sightings: artisanal recumbent

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I recently found this "home improved" bike in New York. There is was, 16inch front wheel 24inch back wheel, complete with office chair and new and improved single sided handle bar.
For the life of me, I can't work out how you pedal this artisanal recumbent!


Perhaps @bikesnobnyc  can help us out on this one!

Which brings me to two other artisanal services that I've discovered this week.
First up, Snag Stand has opened in Melbourne


It offers artisanal "hand-crafted" sausages and is apparently the home of heavenly "haute dogs". Not being a meat eater I can't comment on the quality but I have to take my hat off to a company that offers a low fat, gluten free, small batch production sausage in Australia - the home of blackened, saw dust filled monstrosities which define our Sunday afternoon barbeques!

Further afield, the artisinal pops up in in Brighton, UK where the Pelirocco Hotel offers "knitted hotel rooms!

image via The Guardian

This article made me feel quite guilty in some ways. I travel with yarn and hooks and have designed and tested some of my best patterns in hotel rooms around the world. Yet, apart from leaving behind small bits of reflective yarn in hard-to-reach places, I've never made something just for the room. I'm thinking that if my travels continue, I may well take this up! First up would be an artisianl remote control cover - because who would want to touch one of those!

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