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Not all lycra is bad - highly reflective crochet knics!

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Spandex, lycra - I never know what to call it! I have to admit to liking the stuff but I know that for many cyclists, it isn't their first choice.

Having said that, it is a great yarn so I thought I'd have a go at redefining the quintisential cycling garment, the "knics" or lycra shorts.

Here is the first attempt! They are handmade and crocheted from cotton spandex yarn with a highly reflective fine glass bead thread all the way through the leg.

In low light they look like this...

and at night, when a bright light settles on them, they look like this!

From experience, this type of highly textured garment is not a big seller but I have to admit that they are really comfortable and I'm looking forward to wearing them under skirts or even with shorts over the top.

So, would you wear a pair of highly reflective crochet knics?

If you're interested, email me and we can chat. I have many colours in this yarn. The take about 10 hours to make, but the effect is pretty impressive!


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  • Angelina Russo on

    Hi Paul Great to hear from you.You can find the short reflective arm warmers (18cm long) at the long ones (55cm long) at’re both made from the cotton lycra with a very fine wool and the reflective thread. Sorry that the images are all of women but I have yet to commandeer any of my male friends to model!I have a very wide selection of colours and I would just need to know your upper arm width.I designed them so that they are quite snug. I run in them during the winter and they stay up without any problems.If you want more information, email me at angelina@culturecycle.orgHave a great commute!cheers

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