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Bike Art Adelaide - when it's hot, it's hot!!

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It's hot in Adelaide and it's not just the weather!


Bike Art Adelaide caught my eye this weekend. I have to admit to having missed the call for proposals and I wish I could get to the conference but apart from that, I've been following the events on their Facebook page

I started this CultureCycle caper by doing some light yarn guerilla crochet on the Melbourne BikeShare system so I was delighted to see yarn-bombed bike which are locked up somewhere in the city of Adelaide. It seems that apart from some bikes being stolen, the guerilla crochet is getting some great feedback.

I particularly like this blue bike.


It reminds me of the 1970s Gitanes bikes and that famous shot of Laurent-Fignon climbing on his lightweight blue bike.


I also came across a kindred spirit!
Fay Patterson, the convenor of the Australian Cycling Conference is also designing and handmaking reflective knitwear!  The shawls in this shot look lovely.

Bike Art runs from 9-29 January in association with the Santos Tour Down Under.

The Australian Cycling Conference finishes today.
It's a bit warmer than the last time I was in Adelaide so I  hope they're wearing their sunsreen!

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