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Thunder and lightning: when not to run a cycle tour

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I've had to cancel the Cycle and Design tour this weekend.

I'm not too happy about it but the Bureau is predicting thunderstorms on Sunday morning and after Thursday's sudden storms, I'm not willing to take the chance.


I don't know the origin of this image but it reminds me quite a lot of what happened on Thursday.

I was really looking forward to this tour, not only because of the chance to meet some more cycling enthusiasts, but because I was really happy with the tour itself.

Also, I've spent the past few weeks developing products for this tour. I was going to test my new high vis crochet singlet top

and I'd been testing a new linen and corn cycle bag

but, things being what they are, these products will have to be tested elsewhere.

I'm thinking that I might try the singlet top for swimming. It's made from the same cotton/lycra that I make the crochet knics from

and I know this yarn works well as a swimsuit

so, I think that I'll try this yellow top in the sea. During the summer, I spent some time having ocean confidence lessons at Bondi Beach, run by Ocean Fit and while I'm more confident, I am rather fond of being visible, which is of course, how I came to be in this high visibility crochet cyclewear caper in the first place!

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