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Getting ready for Xmas!

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8 months is a long time to be away from social media, but then, learning to machine-knit again takes time. In February I bought a 30 year old knitting machine; a ribber followed soon after and approximately 500 hours of prototyping later, I now have a new range of products which I can manufacture reliably and which have been tested by a number of "critical friends". Most of these items are made from 100% non-itch merino. This is lightweight yarn which breathes well and looks very stylish. Each piece is fully-fashioned; this means that the sizing and shaping is done manually on the machine and then the piece is handsewn together so you don't end up with any itchy joins. I've spent months practicing how to consistently knit the reflective yarn into these woollen garments. I've now achieved this and have also sourced this beautiful Japanese flouresant 100% merino. It comes in green, yellow and orange and I've had enormous fun testing it with the reflective yarn. So, without further ado, here are the first of the Xmas 2012 knitted products: Women's Fitted Cycle Top
100% merino + fluorescent merino and reflective yarn.This raglan sleeve fully fashioned fitted cycle top has a reflective band of contrast patterning through the centre. This not only makesthe cyclist highly visible, but it has a great slimming effect.
The top includes knitted horizontal darts at the bust so that there is extra room for movement. It also fits extremely well along the arms and at the waist. All the seams are hand sewn and this is a handwash item only. I will be making a series of pattern samples as I have a wide range of pattern cards which can be incorporated. You can choose contrast colour of fluorescent green, yellow or orange. This top will retail for $189
  Men's Merino T Shirt
100% merino + fluorescent merino and reflective yarn.This raglan sleeve fully fashioned cycle T shirt has a reflective bandof contrast patterning across the chest. It is loose fitting throughout the body and has loose sleeves.
This top will retail for $189 Cycling Socks
These socks have reflective yarn in the ribbing at the top of the sock.From there, they are knitted in-the-round. They are a fantastic fit and will keep their shape as I knit a very fine elastic throughout the body of the sock.
These socks are made from 75% wool, 25% nylon so that are hardwearing and very soft to wear. I have sourced and tested a number of different yarns and the final products are made from the most hardwearing and softest. These socks are great for holidng your pant cuffs while cycling. They are made to order according to your size and choice of yarn. They will make a great Xmas gift. These socks will retail fo $59 pair   Chunky Reflective Cycling Vest
100% corn yarn + reflective yarn. This reflective cycling vest is made on a bulky knitting machine and incorporates garter stitch which has reflective yarn through the patterning. It's designed to be worn over your cycling clothes and can also be worn on it's own. The corn yarn is not dissimilar to cotton in the way it feels though it wicks perspiration rather than holding it. This top will retail for $89 Reflective Cycle Bag
  Following a range of cycling bag prototypes, I've decided to go with an existing waterproof bag and bespoke chunky knit covering. This one is then sewn to the waterproof bag so that it stays in place. It's held onto the stem of the bike with a velcro strap. It incorporates a lightweight shoulder strap.
This will  retail for $109
Men's Retro Cycling Top 100% merino + fluorescent merino and reflective yarn. I was asked to trial the developmet of a retro cycling top for men.
This one is made in a tuck stitch which gives the final product a lovely texture. I incorporated a zip at the collar and a multi-striped collar and sleeves. I envisage making versions of this top for cycle groups in bespoke colours and styles. All seams are handsewn as is the zip insert. This top will be refashioned following some excellent feedback. I will upload the image of the next design once it is finished. This top (including the development of bespoke colourways and designs) will retail for $229 Coming Soon The following range of products are not quite ready for retail manufacture and will be tested continuously over the next month so that they too will be ready for Xmas. Fluoresent Lace Reflective top I've also been practicitng lace kntting with very fine merino and polyester yarn. This first prototype has a rolled collar which includes the reflective yarn, as does the hem so when you are cycling, your collar and waist will be highly visiblle. This is remarkably light weight and is easy to wear over your existing clothing.
This will eventually retail for $79   Fluoresent Lace cycling socks After an accidental find, I discovered that I could knit very fine yarn and elatic to make lacy patterned garments. I've done a few trials of flatbead socks ie: they aren't made in the round, so they have a very fine seam down the side. I'm still practicing these so will photograph the next sample.These will eventually retail for $49.        

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