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Making hi vis cycling legwarmers

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The CultureCycle hi vis legwarmers are made from 100% wool and are knitted on a 1980s Bulky 8 knitting machine. All of the finishing is done by hand. Here is the process Setting up the machine set-up   As you can see, there are two types of yarn used. The first is 100% wool with a very fine elastic and the second is the wool with reflective yarn wound throughout. Once the cast on is done, reflective yarn is knitted for 20 rows, then the yarn is changed back to normal and shaping is done manually as the legwarmer is knitted. on-the-machine Weights are added to the knitting as this keeps the stitches from coming off the latches. It stretches the piece though, which is why I always wash final pieces and block them when everything is done. Once the machine knitting is finished, the pieces look like this off-the-machine so from here, it's all hand finishing. First I latch the back seam with a latching tool latching-seam when that's done it looks like this latched-seam then I crochet the top of the legwarmer, adding a dense and very stretchy elastic to keep the top from stretching out crochet-top then I crochet the bottom of the legwarmer with a double stitch (dc + chain) so that it stretches as you put your foot through it leg warmer production then it's time to sew in all the loose threads sewing-in-ends get rid of any remaining waste yarn waste-yarn and then into a cold wool machine wash to shrink the yarn slightly. Then block the legwarmer on the leg mannequin final-product and there you have it! This image was taken before it was washed and you can see that it is still quite long. They stay up when you're cycling and when off the bike, just roll them down below your knee and they keep your legs lovely and warm during the day. The whole process takes about three hours, of which machine knitting is about one hour. These legwarmers are made in three colours, deep green, brown and grey and are made from an 8ply Australian 100% wool You can find these legwarmers for sale here.  

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