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The Cyclists' Pair - Kickstarter campaign starts now

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My first Kickstarter campaign called The Cyclists' Pair is now live

The Cyclists' Pair are 4 identical hand-cranked woollen socks available in four styles and price points.

Kickstarter funding will allow me to complete a short production run and deliver beautiful, warm, comfortable socks to you!

Over the past year I've been trailing modes of manufacture that can work for a micro-enterprise. I have a day job so, until I can make knitwear my life, I have to find the most appropriate method for delivering high quality knitwear to many people.

Meet the socks


The Cyclists Pair The Racer

The Cyclists Pair The Executive

These socks solve the perennial cyclists' problem of single socks. The socks have been developed to last up to two years. They can be machine washed (apart from the cashmere versions) .

The campaign starts on 2nd April and will run for 30 days. Your support either financial or to help me to promote the campaign, would be very much appreciated.

Big thank you to @behoovingmoving from Cycle Space for inspiring me to do this and for feedback to campaign and to @oakrider for feedback!


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