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How to buy handmade - following up!

Angelina Russo

Late last year I created an ebook "What to look for when buying handmade - six steps to avoid being hoodwinked. You can download it using this nifty button!!

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I created this book because there is so much content online that claims to be handmade but, as a maker and seller, I'm not always certain that the final price represents ethically handmade products.

Having said that, I am delighted to have found German sock yarn at a price so reasonable that I can now offer 16 pairs of men's socks at an introductory price of $59.

I've set myself a challenge. 16 colours, 16 socks, 16 days.... That includes going back to work and two research engagements. So, enough blogging, I'd better get started. Follow my progress on twitter at culturecycle01

16 colours 16 socks


The Bendigo Mills socks will always remain @ $80 and to be fair, it is a higher quality yarn, but, if you are keen to try hand-cranked socks, then please follow the links and order soon. If the Xmas rush was anything to go by, they won't last long!

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