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Postcards from my bike: New York

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New York
City of endless flax


where even a journalist's dream can come true!


Where the promise of a milkshake will have you lining up
while an early morning run will offer a once in a lifetime view....


New York is a city where old railway lines become parks
and old streets become cycle paths. Each of these transformations offers a cultural cycle which is unparallelled in a major city anywhere in the world!

I think I've mentioned that I love New York


I love that a new building, already 30 stories high, looks like the foundations for a taller building


Where you can be cycling amongst some of the deadliest urban traffic and find yourself covered in bubbles
and where, for no known reason, bikes just appear, often with parts missing,  an event I like to call, lost in transit.
But perhaps my favourite view of New York are the views out; the windows into another time and activity


That help me to understand why New York remains so special today, and, as always, why it is best by bike!


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