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Postcards from my bike: Edinburgh

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Here's a question for you from Edinburgh
Which of these two well-known Scottish icons are easier to find in Edinburgh?
The Lochness Monster



 The Innertube Bike Map??


Having woken early to run up and around Arthur's Seat, possibly my favourite run in the world,

I was thrilled to see that the Scottish Parliament Buiding, designed by Catalan architect Enric Miralles, does what good architecture should do: offer an amazing view from above!! The cultural sites, both ancient and modern are worth every moment of being in Edinburgh!

I have mentioned on this blog that I love New York,  I can tell you that I love Edinburgh even more and for different reasons, giant seagulls notwithstanding!


 Edinburgh is built in three layers, the first against a mountain.The city offers unparallelled views wherever you look

It is easy to tour via  bike or foot (though there are many cobblestones)
and it complements this extraordinary cultural history with revitalised docklands
all of which are magic
I've been wondering whether the propensity for upright,slow cycling in Europe and all things CycleChic, stem from the fact that riding quickly on cobblestones is remarkably uncomfortable. At some stage I will upload the video I made of my cycle tour of Edinburgh. The problem with it is of course, that riding on cobblestones means that everything is jumping up and down constantly. Watching it gives ME a headache!!


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