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Postcards from my bike: London

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Its not often that I would send a postcard from my bike after my first hour of cycling in a new city, but then, not all cities are London!


Having been for my obligatory morning run, taking in the cultural


and cycling features of London,


including a bike share system that  seems to be working



and this inspirational view of Blackfriars's bridge,
I found myself returning from my first cycle of London somewhat daunted. This is a city with a lot of buses, small streets and savy cyclists.


Yet, when the hotel up the road caught fire, the London Police decided to shut down a major arterial, The Strand




 not only to buses, but to cyclists!


I went wandering and found this bike security system to be envied!


Eight hours later, after a lovely meeting with Museum3 types

as I wondered at the peace and quiet of one of the main arterials of London,


London_The_Strand_12_June_2011.flv Watch on Posterous
(listen to the Sound of Silence - or The Serenity if you're Australian)
I was amused to see that even a hardened Londoner on a clown bike,  (though I now understand thanks to @behoovingmoving that clown is the new black), would stop to take a photo of the fire!


Thank you London. Culture and hard-core cycling in one!




What more could an Antiopodean girl ask for!




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  • Angelina Russo on

    Hey there! I’ve been following your tours! You are an academic legend! Combining your expertise in architectural history with your love for cycling is nothing short of brilliance! Oh to be that clever!!! Hope it all went well and should catch up at some stage! Cheers

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