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Postcards from my bike - Adelaide

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Some people are inspired to change their lives once they've seen the sights of



New York
or even mountain top Italian villages
but this was the sight that changed my life
I grew up in Adelaide, a city of endless breweries
where Australian Football is king
and the connection between sport and alcohol is immortalised each year on a city brewery
Each year the brewery paints it's chimney with the colours of the winning football team

It's also a place where pubs have names like World's End

So with so much going for it, why did this bus sign change my life?
I used to catch the bus to work each day. Each day I would read the timetable and wait. Sometimes the bus came on time. Sometimes it didn't. Most of the time, it didn't come at all, so when I saw this sign which offered a promise of ONLY a 15 minute wait I was delighted!
So I set off with new optimism and I waited and waited and when I found that the buses still didn't come, I bought a bike and began cycling to work

I guess I should have been inspired by my mum. She's now 70 and still cycles most days.


I love that her helmet was chic well before certain movements made it so....

15 years later, Adelaide now has a tram system
which takes you past icons such as the Coke Factory

and the Bonython Park, favoured spot of circus performers.

I will always thank Adelaide Metro system, because, had it worked, I may never have discovered the delights of cycling to work or of discovering Adelaide by bike!


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  • Angelina Russo on

    Hi RichardYes! Adelaide is a lovely place with wide almost empty streets. I was a little surprised on Sunday morning when there was truly no-one about. I’d forgotten. I used to love cycling through the parks and along the river. Now I have the Yarra to cycle along and Mornington Peninsula to test myself during the summer. Hope your dad is ok and that no-one takes him up on the cannon!Take care and thanks for the comment.CheersAngelina

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