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Bike Hour - what will you be wearing?

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Dr BehoovingMoving of CycleSpace has a plan. This Tuesday between 6pm and 7pm, he's asking that we cycle - just for the sake of it! No protests, no organised rallys, just cycle. Why? Well, in his words, "We have ride to work days, ride to school days, critical mass rides, world naked bike rides, so why now do we need Bike Hour? It is because the rides I have mentioned have failed to mobilise the vast majority of people, who own bikes, and wish it was safer to use them." 18 March 2012 It's a great initiative and one that I look forward to being part of. I'll be wearing this crochet, highly reflective mohair shawl with the new cycling legwarmers that I've been developing.
I bought a second hand knitting machine and ribber and have spent the last three weeks testing weights, tensions, yarns - and the odd design. I'm almost ready to go except that I need to have some user-testing, something that I'll organise later this week. In the meantime, take the opportunity to be part of the inaugural Bike Hour on 20th March!  

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  • Angelina Russo on

    How lovely. So nice to see a bespoke tailor speaking about the work. Lovely products, beautiful finish. Something to work towards! Ta

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