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New products - Cycling Legwarmers!

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That favourite 80s icon, the legwarmer, is back. But these over the knee reflective cycling legwarmers are so stylish an warm and perfect for cycling.
I've spent the last two months developing a range of over-the-knee machine knitted cycling legwarmers.It sounds like a long time for development but I went through 5 different types of elastic, two ribbers and multiple yarn types and tensions, developing, wearing and washing up to 10 legwarmers till I was happy with the result. The first design is made on the knitting machine and ribber and all are available in 100% wool. The leg is tapered and has elastic knitted into the top so that it stays up over tights or stockings.
It incorporates the 1mm reflective thread at the top and bottom. These come in a range of colours (below) and will retail for $49AUD + postage
I am uncertain of what the final colourway should be. Any thoughts? You can purchase them online from here If you're in Australia and looking for a Mother's Day gift, I can guarantee delivery by Friday 11th May if order is placed by 5pm  Wed 9th May.   The second design is also machine knit but in a finer stockingnet stich and is knitted in the round.
This means that there isn't a seam but as they are tapered and rather skin tight, there is a slightly noticable decrease in the leg. I probably notice it more than anyone else would.
This design uses a .375mm refective thread top and bottom. It has elastic handsewn into the top and bottom seam so that they stay put over tights. This design will be available from CycleStyle as of next week.

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  • Lily Floss on

    Cycling legwarmers are the most fitting and skinny version of all reinvented leg warmers designs. It was nice and wonderful but I think it depends now what comfortability your body needs.

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