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The design of visibility - cycling jerseys and helmets

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While I've been testing design techniques for a new range machine knitted cycling jerseys,
look at what one of my colleagues has just launched!
photo by Craig Silitoe Wouter Walmink's interactive helmet LumaHelm features 104 LEDS fitted to a special framework which sits on top of an existing, Australian Standard, helmet. The strips cover the helmet evenly and together with motion sensors and some sophisticated software roramming, the cyclist can control the lights through head movement. I first saw this helmet being photographed only about 4 weeks ago and am absolutely thrilled by the amount of publicity it has received. As a designer I was initially struck by its elegance and ultimately mesmerized by the sophisticated approach to visibility. Congratulations to Wouter and to the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University. Products such as this demonstrate how design can contribute to well-being while transforming the urban environment. I look forward to having one myself!

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