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Sydney Design success!

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What a week it's been! Thursday night Dr Steven Fleming (aka behoovingmoving) of Cycle-Space fame and I gave a talk at Pedal Power ACT. After two years of advocating for each other's works, this was the first time we presented together. The theme of the talk was Future Cities and the talks moved through the subject both historically and culturally. We are very happy to have been supported to give this talk as it proved a very important rehearsal for our next event, Futurama[Reset] at Rapha Cycle Club in Sydney as part of Sydney Design. This event was sold out and though free, we had to cap the number of attendees as the shop needed to continue to operate. For this event we were joined by my cycle tour colleague, artist and President of ArtCycle Sydney Inc., Gilbert Grace. Between the three of us, we took on the subject of imagining a future where bikes were central to the way that we lived, worked, planned, shopped and of course, the clothes that we wore. The event was filmed and is currently being edited so we'll post the links soon. Thank you so much to Danny from Rapha and everyone else who not only made us feel so welcome but offered to host us gratis -something that is very rare in the centre of Sydney! Flush with the success of the evening, Gilbert and I then ran a cultural cycle tour on Saturday. We visited a number of cultural sites including the Carriage Works Markets, Heinrech Gallery, AM GAllery, TinSheds (though unfortunately they didn't open in time), MacGregor Gallery, Powerhouse Museum then onwards for a lovely cycle through Pyrmont and up the hill to Surry Hills where Joyce of SeeHoSu Contemporary Furniture Gallery plied us with lovely cheese and crackers while we rested. The crochet workshop was put on hold and instead we discussed new product options. Once this post is uploaded I'll be trying out one of the suggestions! On my return to Canberra (where I now live) I wrote up a 3 year research plan to make sure we captured all of the amazing ideas and generosity which we had encountered over the previous three days. More on that in future posts. In the meantime, it's good to know that the multi-state roadshow went well and that we have a plan for future talks and events. Just as a side-note, when I returned to Rapha on Sunday morning (under the guise of picking up some left-over products but actually to purchase these gloves) the place was filled with Sunday morning cyclists, two of whom were lamenting the fact that they had missed the Friday night event!!! Not meaning to eaves-drop I was quietly delighted that people were talking so enthusiastically about something we had worked so hard to make interesting and fun. We would like to thank Rapha Cycle Club for their extraordinary support, Sydney Design for continuing to believe in us and our slightly off-centre antics, SeehoSu Contemporary Furniture for such lovely hospitality, Alex Forrest for filming the event (links to content soon) Pedal Power ACT for kicking it all off and to everyone who attended. We do hope you had a lovely time and we look forward to doing it all again very soon. I have one more engagement for Sydney Design though it is a little clandestine. By 5.30pm Friday 16th August these funny bits of woollen fabric should be sewn onto the cycle rack on the corner of Mary's Lane and Bourke Street. They've been made for the Stringram event as part of Sydney Design. stringram                 Watch out for them and don't forget to tie your bike to them if you get a chance to get down there this weekend!

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