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Bike racks are big business - except for me!

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In 2008 The Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, in conjunction with New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and  Transportation Alternatives announced the winners of the CityRacks Design Competition. Since then, the winning design, the NYC HOOP RACK by Ian Mahaffy and  Maarten de Greeve has become the new standard bicycle rack for the streets of New York City. In 2013, the winners of the indoor cycle parking facility section of the same competition, Cyclehoop, have seemed to inspire the design for cycle stands in New York. Cyclehoop's website speaks of how their proposal is being emulated by the Department of Transport with the new City Racks, as they suggest, the original designs by Mahaffy and de Greeve were to expensive to install. The actual background to all of this is not as easy to decipher as the fact that the bike racks seem to have become a multi-million dollar business so well done to everyone involved! My contribution to the growing number of bike racks is not likely to turn into a multi-million dollar business, but, it was fun! As part of Sydney Design's Stringram I made  this high visibility yarn graffiti and installed it just on Bourke Street in Surry Hills, Sydney just around the  corner from the lovely new Seehosu Gallery. It turned out that I didn't make quite enough but I was pleased with the way it glowed when light hit it. The bike happened to be there and apart from making it more difficult to sew the pieces onto the rack, it ended up being a nice prop! 1308yarn-graffitti-2-web                     As you can see, the whole this was made from left over yarns. My mother is getting rid of her old yarns at the moment so I keep receiving packages with lovely multi-coloured yarns, perfect for this type of work. 1308yarn-graffitti-1-web                   Installation went well, no-one got cross with me thought I was sitting with my back to Friday night traffic. Who knows whether it is still there but it was a bit of fun to end the festivities for Sydney Design.

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