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Cycling and urban design

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As we wind down for the year I thought I'd collate the articles that we wrote in 2014 and provide links for Xmas reading! Dr Steven Fleming, author of CycleSpace and I have been writing academic papers and articles for The Conversation on topics around cycling and urban design. We've been doing this because we both advocate for cycling through better design of products, services and our cities. In 2015 we will be developing workshops to explore these concepts in partnership with interested bodies around the country. In the meantime, here are some of the articles: Fleming and Russo (2014) Utopia: seriously good urban planning should aspire to it In this article we explore how the notion of utopian developments has been used to catalyse actual developments over time. We advocate for a new type of utopia with cycling at the centre Fleming and Russo (2014) London's SkyCycle Bike Route: elevation of the white male elite In this article (whose title was constructed by the publisher...) we explore the proposal for approx 220km of overhead cycle infrastructure in London. Having met with the architects working with Norman Foster, I can confirm that this is an engaging and interesting schema for a city that needs transport options! Russo and Fleming (2014) Re-Imagining Australia by bike In this article we discuss why cycling could be missing from our cultural understandings of Australia. We suggest that if we could develop a cultural imaginary which included cycling, we would go some way to embedding cycling in our everyday lives. I do hope you enjoy reading!

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