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Last minute Xmas Shopping - bespoke!

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SALE STARTS 11th DECEMBER It's so close to Xmas... You still have to find something for your special people... but everything in the shops is so ordinary Why not buy them something handmade something that they can't get anywhere else something that they will cherish forever 9 for 9 is a special time 9 handmade products, ready to be shipped each product made from the highest quality materials each product gift wrapped with a card that reads "MAde for (and your special person's name) each product shipped express within 24 hours of your purchase - FREE all you have to do is purchase! So, if your loved ones have never worn hand-cranked socks or enjoyed the luxury of vacugna and merino ponchos of if they love cycling and are in the market for a bespoke designed high vis vest, this is the sale for you! 9 items, 9 days - shipped express within 24 hours of purchase. Gift wrapped with personalised card. What more could you ask?

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