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Hi Vis Cycling Cape #2

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A few weeks ago I posted a piece about developing a hi vis cycling  cape. Since then I've developed the design further and feel confident that the final product meets the objectives of designing a stylish cape for cycling in rain or shine. For this prototype I went back to the original poncho that I had made last year. I had never been happy with this poncho, mainly  because it was made in four parts each of which included manual decreases all the way along. The time it took to make it didn't seem to match the final product. So, time to take it apart....

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Making hi vis cycling socks

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Knitting socks on the machine involves seven different manipulations. At every point, something can go wrong but when finished, they are so soft and warm and the fit is magnificent. These socks are made top down, starting from the rib This is knitted with the high vis reflective thread Once knitted, half the ribbing is moved to the main bed to allow for circular knitting Circular knitting produces a product without any sides seams You then knit the leg, shortrow the heel, knit the foot, short row the toe and this is what the sock looks like when you take...

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