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About us

CULTURECYCLE is a bespoke design label created to provide products and services for an active life. All products are designed and handmade in Australia by Angelina Russo. I have spent the last six years developing innovative ranges of knitwear specifically for cycling. These include active knitwear and design workshops.  

My focus has been on stylish, well designed and constructed knitwear that looks good on and off the bike. I spent two years perfecting the inclusion of highly reflective yarns into the cycling products. This ensures that those items not only look good but keep you visible on the streets.

Now, CULTURECYCLE is branching out to include bespoke knitwear for other activities including yoga, the gym and running. Additionally, I have been developing hand-cranked socks in my never-ending endeavour to keep people active!  You can read about how the socks are made here. The new bespoke active knitwear ranges will be launched progressively throughout 2018, starting with preorders in May and then active yogawear. I am also working with Aria-nominated Graphic Designer Will Tennent to create bespoke, locally produced band merchandise. You can see some of the first examples here. 

Bespoke active knitwear and accessories: machine knit products for cycling, the gym, yoga or other physical activities. These designs are made predominately from natural yarns including merino, bamboo, alpaca and cotton. All designs are tested thoroughly prior to being made available for sale. Yarns are chosen for their ability to be hand-washed or machine-washed easily. The process of making is often described and linked to the product as a blog post.

MAKE BREAK is a trial to gather information for the establishment of research-based explorations into the value of ‘making’ in the work environment. It is run in partnership with Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University Melbourne. Angelina Russo is researching the ways in which traditional and future digital maker skills create possibilities for innovative new networks of support in the work environment. Exertion Games Lab researches the connections between the body and play.

Together we seek to understand how injecting an element of play into your work day, in the form of crafting future skills, impacts on your wellbeing.
It seeks to understand the following:
  • Could the ways in which we use our time in the workplace be reconsidered?
  • Would learning future skills in the workplace benefit our well-being?
  • What benefits come from connecting with others who share our creative interests in the workplace?


CYCLESPACE Together with Dr Steven Fleming, author of CycleSpace, we run workshops on urban development; demonstrating how cycling can be central to the development and redevelopment of cities. You can read more about our most recent workshops here.


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A bit about Angelina
I grew up in an Italian household where I was taught to machine knit, sew, cross-stitch and crochet. I spent most of my childhood making garments and her mother, a tailor, taught me traditional italian pattern-making. I studied and practised as a designer for many years and continue to design all the products for this brand. CULTURECYCLE is my second hand-made business after the CasaCocoLoco brand that I developed with my sisters many years ago. 

I am now an academic and as a result, have been working on ways to successfully run a business while working full time. So far, so good, CULTURECYCLE is now going into it's 7th year!

I love  bikes, particularly my beloved folding bikes. Over the past four years I have fused traditional skills with my joy of cycling to create and produce products and services through the CULTURECYCLE brand. As an invited member of the National Australian Cyclists Party  I continue to advocate for better cycling conditions both on and off the road.

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You can read about our manufacturing and shipping policies here.


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