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active knit YOGA SOCKS


CULTURE CYCLE active knit YOGA SOCKS are hand-cranked in superwash wool and lycra. These yoga socks are easy to wear both during and after your practice. 


As a micro-enterprise, we take pre-orders for our speciality products. This is how it works.
You choose the product that you would like to receive. You decide on colour, size and style. You pay for the product and receive confirmation of your pre-order.

We finalise all pre-orders by 12th May 2016. We then spend 3-4 weeks hand-making your orders. As orders are completed they are dispatched. You will receive notification when your order has been dispatched. We guarantee that all orders will be dispatched within 30 days of the end date (12th May) for the pre-orders.
There are two colours, pink (as shown) and orange


Once your pre-order has been confirmed we will ask you to confirm your colour combination.

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