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MAKE BREAK - CLINIC is for those committed to growing collegiality in the workplace or community. CLINIC is a 3 day installation (with discretionary 4th day of exhibition and public talks) where the MAKE BREAK digital fabrication lab moves offsite to a setting embedded in an institution or community. Here, engaged with local council, community and cultural organisations, we partner with Fabricate Studio to deliver digital fabrication workshops in 3D printing, laser etching, digital embroidery and much more.

As we are pseudo doctors (that PhD has to be useful for something), we structure this time as a clinic where participants come to us with their challenges and we work through them to scope and prototype bespoke digitally fabricated products and services.

We set up the workshop in a space of your choice.

What will we make?
We seek to solve your problems. We are, after all, pseudo doctors. 

How much does it cost?
We charge $6800 for the workshop (+ travel and accommodation) . We ask that participants bring their spare stash (wool, fabric etc. ) to use and/or share and we provide the materials, machines and training programs. 

Who are we anyway?
You can read more about us here!

What's next? 
Before you check out, email me at to confirm your dates. We will work with you to tailor the program to your community.

and thank you to @TheScienceNomad who helped me to put the final pieces of this puzzle together

I look forward to making with you!

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