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This one is especially for the overworked academics out there...

MAKE BREAK FORUM is a public, ticketed symposium that brings together a marketplace that showcases the research, products and services created throughout the MAKE BREAK program.

Nested in a theatrical setting that includes live performance, MAKE BREAK FORUM provides an ERA reportable gathering of social significance, one where discussion and debate can occur, where the collegiality of the program functions as a way of introducing this network of future makers and researchers to each other.

Inter-generational and multicultural, we partner with leading cultural communication consultants Kape Communications and sustainability experts Equilibrium to address future challenges from a maker perspective.

MAKE BREAK FORUM will usually be run over a 2 day period and will include masterclasses, symposium and making activities. 

What about publishing the research?
We partner with LyndaKellyNetworks to source national and international journals  and secure a special issue prior to the FORUM. We will look after the  blind peer reviewing process and we will partner with the most appropriate publishers, special interest groups etc. to ensure that FORUM delivers the very best quality  research outputs.

Why us?
CULTURE CYCLE was preceded by Museum3, a network of 4000 global cultural organisation professionals interested in the future of the cultural sector. Conceived by the eternally optimistic Dr Lynda Kelly, we built and maintained this network for 7 years. During that time we developed and ran 3 sold out national conferences and 1 international conference. We know what we are doing!

What do you get?
A fully organised and delivered  FORUM program with national and international speakers (including registration and subscriptions)
A Special Issue to a journal of your choice or a book proposal
Metrics on attendance, participation and engagement
An ongoing network of scholars, makers and nice people

Please note: the cost of this FORUM is calculated on approx 120 ticked participants over 2 days where their participation includes masterclasses, FORUM dinner and symposium. At least one international speaker, 5 national speakers and up to 8 different masterclassees can be accommodated for this price. It includes venue and security costs, opening drinks, catering each day and FORUM dinner. Ticket costs to be determined in consultation.  The price does not include organiser travel and accommodation.

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